Friday, July 22, 2016

Kabali by Pa. Ranjith (Review)

******Spoiler Alert******

Story: A story with Malaysian backdrop. Touches a lot on realism in the life of Malaysian gangsters and struggle faced by local Indians. Public engagement, love and action. A very simple yet different for superstar film.

Cast: Superstar Rajinkanth as Kabali. A very subtle yet gives massive presence here and there. It's been a while since we saw less dialogues more actions factor in him. Glad that Ranjith made that happen. Superb performance by Superstar. Really one of the best in his career. Radhika Apte as Kumudhavali. Limited presence yet impactful. Her performance during the reunion scene was mindblowing. Dhansika as Yogi. A badass woman. Her makeover was good. John Vijay played Amir. A great companion of Kabali. Well played. Attakathi Dinesh, comical as well as badass here and there. Kalaiarasan the turning point of the film. And antagonist Winston Chao, I would prefer a Malaysian Chinese play that role. And Kishore was just another Indian villain. Supporting characters played by Rosyam Nor, Riythvika, Naseer and many others.

Screenplay: Now how many will actually make homework on nativity and portray it in well manner. Ranjith did it. The Tamil language spoken in the film were well written with native Malaysian accent. Words like ponne;very, kaadi;car, sadaiyan;chinese and many more were used to resemble the characters in the film as Malaysian. Terms like "nandu kathai" is one rare input in the film. And Ranjith portrayed how the gangsterism in Malaysia works in a very realistic manner. For instance, the number for each gang, the special handshakes, the logos and funeral rituals and parades. Hats off man. There were buffer here and there but still it was engaging. One of the best intro scene for Thalaivar of course. And the action sequences were realistic. The climax fight scene is the best. This is not usual Superstar film. Please don't expect it to be another Padayapa or Sivaji whereby he becomes rich in one song. But the plot travels with one man's emotion.

Music: Composed by Santosh Narayanan. Thanks a lot for the BGM. Definitely a winner in the film.

Plus Point: Screenplay, Casts, BGM

Minus Point: Draggy at some points

Verdict: A classy entertainer from Superstar after Thalapathy. Less commercial values and more artistic.

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